We need legislation that invests in the infrastructure and jobs of a 21st-century modern economy, while avoiding ecological harm and protecting the natural systems necessary for our lives and civilization.


Climate change is a reality, as is the role that we play in it as individuals and as a nation. That is why I have committed myself to reducing my impact on the environment, and will fight to make sure that America at large is able to do the same.

In my own home, I avoid using disposable materials like styrofoam and non-recyclable paper or plastic; everything that I can recycle goes right into the recycling bin. These are just a few of the things that a person or a family can do to help preserve the well-being of our environment.

But what will I do as an Arkansas representative? My plan of action is to make most of America’s energy renewable by 2030, which will lighten the burden we place on our natural resources and create hundreds-of-thousands of jobs for Americans.

I aim to introduce incentives for the use of renewable energy and for the creation of jobs in the field, as well as for research and development in communities where pollution has hit the hardest. Inevitably, this shift away from fossil fuels will lead to economic decline in certain areas, and I will ensure that they are not left behind.  I also plan to reinstate the protections for land, sea, and air that the EPA has rescinded since 2016, and to incentivize the restoration of waterways and fisheries.

At the same time, I will closely regulate oil and natural gas companies. A tax penalty will make sure that polluters are held accountable, as will laws which make it their responsibility to undo the damage they have caused to ecosystems and infrastructure.

Our planet is just that--ours. If we allow corporations to treat it however they please, there will surely be dire consequences for all of us. That is why I cannot and will not allow the exploitation of our environment. As a leader, I vow to put a stop to practices which harm the Earth, and replace them with those which affirm its sanctity and value.