Without the healthcare we need, we do not have the opportunity we need - opportunities to work and learn and provide financial security to our families.


I believe that quality healthcare is a human right. Ensuring that every person in Arkansas’s 2nd District and beyond has access to affordable, quality healthcare is not only an ethical issue, it propels our society forward. 

No one should forgo medical treatment or prescription medication due to cost. The system is broken when pharmaceutical companies can price gauge life saving medications and hospital billing increases without oversight. More and more people are locked out of employer-based healthcare because they work in the growing gig economy or for employers that work employees just up to 39 hours a week to avoid providing health insurance. A system that not tied to employment will give more Americans the security to take risks such as starting small businesses.

I am an advocate for choice in healthcare. As a woman, I understand the specific health needs of women and I am an advocate for choice. Decisions about a women’s reproductive care, including abortion, should be between a women, her family, and her doctor.

Quality healthcare is a human right. Investing in healthcare creates healthy and happy citizens that will propel our society forward. Once in Congress, health care will be my top priority. I will fight to ensure that more people are covered, expenses are lowered, and coverage is equitable and accessible. Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicaid Expansion must be preserved and mental and behavioral health coverage should be accessible and affordable.