We can protect our second amendment rights while still protecting the lives our children in schools and communities everywhere.


I’m not afraid to stand up for the lives of all Americans and I will support legislation through that will address the gun violence in our schools and communities.

I have a three-step plan to tackle gun violence in America and ensure a safer future for our children.

The first step: I will refuse absolutely any support or money from the NRA.

As someone with guns in the home, I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment. However, safety and the preservation of innocent lives are my biggest priorities, and the NRA has devalued both of these by opposing any positive action toward gun law reform. The current 2nd District Representative, French Hill, has taken $1,089,477 from this organization--more than any other House member. His choice is an irresponsible one that endangers the lives of Arkansans and Americans in general, and I vow to make the right one when I am in office.

The second step: I will expand background checks on gun-buyers.

In order to make safety the top priority, I believe that we must require background checks for all gun buyers and keep a record of all firearm sales. In addition, we must prevent individuals with criminal or otherwise dangerous pasts from buying guns by closing the gun show, default-proceed, and “boyfriend” loopholes.

The third step: I will work to secure a ban on military-style assault weapons, as outlined by Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2017.

During my service in the Air Force, I used assault rifles like the AR-15; these weapons are intended for the express purpose of killing multiple human beings, and do not belong in the hands of average Americans. Magazines with 10 or more rounds of ammo serve a similar purpose, and likewise should not be sold to the public. Senator Dianne Feinstein has already introduced a bill banning both assault rifles and magazines above 10 rounds, the passage for which I will fight to the end.

I am convinced that these steps, in combination, will help to reduce gun-violence within Arkansas and our country as a whole. In addition, they will shake up the complacent establishment which holds immoral and life-endangering policies in place.