All of us deserve financial security in the form of living wages tied to inflation, a strong economy, and the preservation of Medicare and Social Security, also tied to inflation.


I believe in economic fairness for all, and aim to secure it by focusing on minimum wage, women’s rights in the workplace, benefits for veterans, and Social Security.

Even in Arkansas, where the minimum wage is above the national rate, a person must work 54 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom apartment. We must raise our minimum wage to $15 an hour, so that all workers are guaranteed to live with dignity. This applies to immigrants as well, so they have the representation and pay that their hard work warrants.

We must ensure that businesses provide women with equal pay for equal work by 2025, through the use of tax incentives for and tougher enforcement where standards already exist. Women deserve paid family and sick leave, and I will work to require employers to provide them with both; they also deserve high-quality, affordable healthcare, and my goal is to make it accessible for them.

I want to create a dignified life for retirees as well. Social Security helps provide stability for those who have labored for decades, so I will do all in my power to protect it. Being a veteran myself, I also feel a strong desire to preserve benefits for retired servicemembers and will never cease in protecting them.