Our country has come so far in our fight for equality, and it is our duty to carry the torch for everyone still struggling for their rights.


The principle of equality for all is vital to our democracy and identity as Americans. Knowing this, I will make it my goal to protect the rights that every one of us holds so dearly.

Every American, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves protection from harassment, violence, and discrimination--be it in the workplace, or with regard to housing or healthcare. The fight for these protections must be a national one, and I pledge to help lead it.

I vow to pass a new equal rights law which will guarantee hiring equity as well as equal pay for equal work, and put an end to all disparities in employment, policing, housing, sentencing, and compensation based on race, religion, gender, or sexuality by 2025. I will also expand legal protections for women and people of color against discrimination, harassment, and abuse, and ensure that they are properly enforced.

Furthermore, I aim to secure equality in all aspects of reproductive healthcare, including abortion; to make this possible, I will commit to repealing the Hyde amendment, so that federal funds can be directed toward abortion. In addition, I will fight to repeal laws which require minors seeking abortions to get parental consent.

I acknowledge that America has always been a nation of immigrants, and so I will strive to provide DREAMers, aspiring citizens, and those escaping oppression or violence with a short path to citizenship. I will also make sure that neither federal nor local law enforcement singles anyone out for being an immigrant, and guarantee legal counsel to those detained in immigration raids.

Finally, we must see to it that voter equality is secured; I will endeavor to pass a modern voting rights act that reduces barriers to voting, and restore the right to vote for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated Americans.