We deserve public education that offers everyone a debt-free opportunity to succeed. This involves funding universal pre-K and the best possible K-12 schools in every neighborhood.


Every child deserves access to quality early childhood education opportunities in their own neighborhood. All parents deserve the opportunity to provide for their children and ensure they are prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

As a public school teacher, I have seem the differences in school as close together as 2 miles. I have seen the drastic difference in per-pupil spending at schools in neighboring zip codes. The street a child is born on should not dictate the quality of education they receive, the condition of the building they learn in, or the opportunities they are afforded in their larger communities. Every single neighborhood deserves a well-funded and well-supported public school.

Our educational system needs to follow students from early childhood all the way into their careers. Trade and career education are an important option for many students during and after high school. We need to invest in quality training for the kinds of careers that will be part of our future economies, such as computer programming and green energy technology.

For more and more students, an undergraduate degree is a requirement for their chosen careers. For some, this is part of a long, well-funded tradition. For others, it is a time of financial worry and descent into student loan debt. Statistic about rising college cost. Income based tuition and expanded federal funding of programs such as the Pell Grant and the GI Bill are the kinds of solutions that will take us towards a debt-free higher education system.