We're hosting a Me Too panel discussion - join us!

As the only female candidate in the race for U.S. Representative French Hill’s seat in the 2nd Congressional District, I feel a strong sense of obligation to the women in this district. For far too long, we have been either unrepresented - and, in more recent years - underrepresented in Congress.
The sad fact is that women and other marginalized groups - minorities, the LGBTQ community, for example - still lack a strong voice in federal government.
But it’s not only on Capitol Hill that we need to amplify our voices. It is time to break the silence across the country. Thanks to the brave women and other representatives of marginalized groups - and their willingness to own their truth and share their stories - our movement is gaining momentum.
That’s why I’m so honored to host a Me Too panel discussion on January 20, after the March On Arkansas and the 8th Annual Rally for Reproductive Justice. While this is a fundraiser for my congressional campaign, it also is an event with a mission in which I deeply believe.
In planning my campaign and fundraising events, I’m trying to ensure that I am offering an avenue for discussion, the sharing of ideas and, in some cases, healing and the nurturing of a sense of empowerment.
I also believe that campaign events should be accessible to all - which is why tickets start at only $10.
I'm so grateful that Tarana Burke started the Me Too movement a decade ago. Only by talking about what they have suffered can survivors hope to prompt changes in policy. The prevalence of sexual abuse, harassment and assault is just one reason we need healthcare that includes comprehensive mental health coverage and - because of the reproductive health impact on women - adequate and affordable healthcare for women. Most importantly, we need to remember that it is women of color - particularly trans women - who have been most subjected to horrific treatment by men. We must support them.
I invite you to join me at 2:30 p.m., January 20, at the Studio Theater in downtown Little Rock for what I hope will be a thought-provoking and empowering discussion by a panel of survivors. A candlelight ceremony will follow.

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