Listen to KUAR tomorrow for Gwen's thoughts on gun safety

KUAR interviewed U.S. Representative French Hill, the leading House recipient of NRA funding, as well as the candidates challenging him for his seat. This piece will air at 6:49 a.m. and again at 8:49 a.m. If you can't tune in, check back here tomorrow for an update! 

Per KUAR: "Mass shootings in schools, concerts, and even army bases are a familiar specter in the United States of America over the last decade or so and there is a lot of daylight between how a Democrat and a Republican 2nd District Congressman would address it.

"KUAR’s Jacob Kauffman asks the faces – some old and some new - hoping to represent central Arkansas in the U.S. House after November’s election, what do they plan to do about violence and guns. Hear from Republican French Hill and Democrats Gwen Combs, Clarke Tucker, and Paul Spencer."

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