IN THE NEWS: Toronto Star features Gwen in story about progressive women running for office

Below is an excerpt from the Toronto Star's story. Click here to read the story in full. 

The final bell rings at 2:35 at Little Rock’s Stephens Elementary, which means Gwen Combs, who teaches the gifted kids, can be out running for Congress by 5.

Combs didn’t even spend a lot of time talking about politics before 2016, much less thinking about being a politician. But she hadn’t organized a political event, either, before her outrage over Donald Trump’s victory led her to lead the Women’s March for Arkansas on the day after the president’s inauguration.

After that, she started one of the progressive activist groups that proliferated across the country in the wake of the wildly successful day of marches. Then she went to Washington and lobbied her senators. And then, seven months removed from a life devoid of political ambition, she filed papers to challenge the Republican incumbent in the 2nd District.

“It may be bold to step forward to an office with such significance right from the start,” Combs, 43, said this week, “but bold is what we need right now.”

When it comes to seeking office, Democratic women have never been bolder.

Tens of thousands of them marched again on Saturday, marking the one-year anniversary of the inauguration with another vivid national display of the liberal energy that has Republicans deeply concerned about the 2018 mid-terms. This time, there is no question about whether their fire will be fleeting.

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