IN THE NEWS: THV interviews Gwen, other candidates at "Hear Our Voice" event

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — For the second year in a row, the Hear Our Voice Arkansas group held an event at White Water Tavern, that let people voice their opinions about what they feel elected leaders should change when it comes to state and federal laws. “Tonight’s event is a way for people in the community to come out and learn about organizations in the community that are doing great work and it’s also a crash course in political activism,” member of Hear Our Voice Arkansas Rosemary Hallmark said. 

The hot topic of the night was gun laws.

“The few minutes I've been here, most of the talk is guns. In the wake of last week's shooting a lot of people are really concerned about a lack of action on part of elected officials,” State Representative Greg Leding said. 

“We're here to engage people who are ready to do something about gun violence in our country,” Chapter leader for Moms Demand Action Eve Jorgensen said. 

“It's more than a gun, it's more than mental health, it's more than the police following up on tips, it's the society that has to take action and demand that our legislators take steps to protect these children,” Little Rock Board candidate, Russ Racop said. 

“Gun violence is number one right now. I have some ideas on how to address it, we need to close some loopholes, there are too many loopholes when it comes to background checks,” candidate for Arkansas Congress Gwen Combs said. 

The popular opinion in the room was that people letting their voices be heard will be the key to change.

“I'm a state representative, I represent people, but I need to hear from people to know what they want," Leding said.

“We want policy that's going to protect us and if we're not talking to our elected officials, they're not representing us,” Combs said.

“We don't have to be hopeless, there are things we can do, and if we keep working for change it will eventually come,” Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action Eve Jorgensen said.


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