IN THE NEWS: Arkansans of the Year: Women!

The Arkansas Times declares that the Arkansans of the Year are ... women!

Excerpt: "As the Times goes to press, 15 women who have never sought political office have announced bids. Two more have run before and are trying again: Melissa Fults, who this year is seeking the state Senate District 33 seat, and Susan Inman, the retired former Pulaski County Election Commissioner, who is running for Secretary of State (she calls herself the "matriarch" of women candidates.) Most, however, are political newcomers, including GwendolynnCombs, the organizer of last year's women's march. Combs is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2nd District congressional seat held by Republican Rep. French Hill."

"Combs, 43, who like many newly politically active women is a schoolteacher, was stirred by her students. During the 2016 presidential campaign, some of her kids at Stephens Elementary School asked her if they would be deported if Trump were elected. One even asked if he would be murdered. "It was just kids talking," Combs said, but she could see that the political climate was enveloping their lives and had them worried. "The internal me was conflicted dealing with not being able to honestly console these kids, because I was experiencing the same fears," Combs said.

"When she learned of the plans for the Washington, D.C., Women's March after the inauguration, Combs decided women who couldn't travel needed a march in Little Rock. "I created my first Facebook event ever," she said, to organize the event, and was soon joined by other women to help coordinate."

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