IN THE NEWS: Gwen featured in story about women seeking office after 2017 march

Gwen Combs, an elementary school teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas, is one of the women hoping to bring a Democratic wave that topples Republicans from their majority in Congress.

Combs spent much of the presidential election biting her tongue. Barred from discussing politics in the classroom, the teacher couldn’t answer her students’ questions about what a Trump presidency might mean for an immigrant parent or a minority classmate.

After the election, she was demoralized and couldn’t stop thinking about her students. “It moved me. It moved me to want to make a safer world for these kids,” she said.

Like hundreds of thousands of other women, Combs stumbled on a Facebook group for a massive march on Washington. She couldn’t afford a flight on short notice, so decided to organize one in Little Rock.

After its success, she heard from the parent of a former student. “Marches are great,” the woman told her, “but they’re just one-time events. What we really need is a movement not just a moment.”

Combs agreed. She is now running for Arkansas’s second congressional district.

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